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Dreamers Turn on Dems, Block Entrance to DNC: 'Too Many Years, Too Many Lies!'

Dreamers block the entrance to the DNC.

Hundreds of DACA supporters marched in D.C. Monday to mark President Trump's March 5 DACA deadline -- which passed with no action from Congress to protect DACA recipients facing deportation. One group of Dreamers held a sit-in in front of the Democratic National Committee, publicly revoking their affiliation with the party.

An estimated 500 activists rallied on the National Mall at the Smithsonian Museum of American History, and then marched to the Hill to lobby members of Congress to pass a clean DACA bill.

Dozens of protesters were reportedly arrested, including Arizona state Rep. Isela Blanca (D-Tempe) and DACA recipient Karen Ibarra.

Approximately two dozen Dreamers -- frustrated with their "fake allies" in the Democratic Party -- held a sit-in in front of the DNC Monday morning, dressed up with white wigs, canes, and walkers to dramatize their 17-year-long wait for Congress to pass the DREAM Act.

Before the sit-in, members of the group publicly revoked their affiliation with the Democratic Party, demanding to be treated with dignity and respect.

"For years I've been told that Republicans aren't my friends, and they don't care about my community," said one activist.

He explained that he had always been told that the Democrats were his allies and "as long as I helped them, they would help my community."  But after years of disappointment, he was turning on his former allies. "I'm here to say no," he said. "I'm withdrawing from the Democratic Party. I will not be working on any other campaigns. I will not be advocating for Democrats until something happens for my brothers and sisters."

Another Dreamer who worked on the Bernie Sanders campaign explained that the reason they were protesting at the DNC was because the Democratic Party has had many opportunities to support them, but has failed to do so.

"Will 12 more years have to pass and still, there won't be any change?" asked a 21-year-old Dreamer dressed up like an old woman. The group left the building, chanting: "Too many years, too many lies!"

They marched to the DNC headquarters where they blocked the entrance. “If you won’t let us dream, we won’t let you sleep!” protesters chanted.

"I went down to the DNC and I took back what they stole from me and I took back my dignity and I took back my humanity!" they chanted.