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Don’t Cry Wolf When It's Only a Robot

Conservatives are becoming less afraid to speak out.  This is mostly due to the internet, and to our finding out that we aren’t alone and isolated.

This is also, of course, why the left has redoubled efforts to make us feel alone, isolated and above all crazy.

For years those in control of the mass news/entertainment industrial complex (well, it was.  Also they hate it when we call it that) labored really hard to make it sound like all right-of-center opinions -- and eventually, those were all the opinions to the right of Lenin – were insane or evil.  And those of us who added up the evidence of our eyes and figured we were indeed to the right of Lenin were afraid to speak out, convinced it was just us and madmen out here, on this shaky branch.

As I’m fond of saying (because it too drives the left nuts) the times they are a-changin'.  Coming out as not-Marxist is still risky, but it is not precisely career or social suicide.

We are, you could say, an oppressed people on our way to being accepted in the polity.  The left still maligns us – even harder, in fact – but the means of communication they control are losing reach and credibility incrementally, and the more they scream and drop the mask of impartiality, the more credibility they lose.

So I have two pieces of advice: Don’t panic, and don’t cry wolf.

Last week on Amazon someone, out of the blue, harangued me to stop using Amazon because Amazon is a Marxist company.

This type of crazy rant makes people – even our people – sound like the people preaching about chemtrails or fluoride in the water.  Throw in a reference to the Trilateral Commission and the Knights Templar, and you’ll have gone your length and caused more people to wonder if the left are right about us being crazy than any of the left’s shrieking will.

Sure, I’m sure Bezos is “Marxist” in the sense that Marxism is a positional good (still) for the very rich.  When Catholicism was a positional good for kings, they would write proclamations promoting and endorsing the Church and very often have mass said in their quarters six times a day.  They also fornicated with everything that crossed their path, gambled, started wars because they were bored, and in general were very non-Catholic beings.

Marxist positioning is the same thing, and even there Bezos runs his mouth less than other rich and successful people.  Yes, perhaps what the Washington Post publishes are his real opinions.  Or perhaps, like other naïve men of business, he lets the Post run itself in the belief that the people in it know their job.