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DNC Is Hiring IT Staffers, but Doesn't Want 'Cisgender Straight White Males'

Democrats love to talk about equality. They also like to pretend their opponents are all about discrimination and racism. The thing is, we all know it's just bluster. They don't really care about equality and they'll discriminate at the drop of the hat.

Take this report from the Daily Wire. A DNC email asks staffers to forward an email about job opportunities to their contacts ... unless they're "cisgendered straight white males," Daily Wire reported. "Employees within the Democratic National Committee are looking for new employees in the Technology Department. However, the DNC is apparently not interested in your resume if you happen to be a white male," the report noted. "In an email issued to DNC insiders on Monday, Data Services manager Madeleine Leader announced that the Technology Department is looking to fill several positions and asked interested parties to forward the openings to their colleagues."

She included the following caveat: "I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they're already in the majority."

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Trump won.

People don't like the racist, sexist idea that white males are worthy of being treated like second-class citizens. Yet the Democrats embrace this kind of thinking.

In the email, Leader claims she wants a staff of "diverse voices and life experiences." Well, what about the white male who grew up in a trailer park with a meth lab next door? Does he lose the job to the son of a wealthy black executive who attended all the best schools?

Can we stop pretending that everyone with a similar melanin content automatically has similar life experiences? If a white male happens to be a great candidate, then he's a great candidate, and if it were me I'd want the very best employees I could find.

But clearly, the DNC views the world through a racist, sexist lens. Oh well. It'll be fun to watch the 2020 Democratic nominee write his or her own version of What Happened after losing. Chapter One should probably be crap like this.