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Dem Strategist Mocks Mitch McConnell for Surviving Polio

Adam Parkhomenko is a political strategist for the Democrats, and his latest political strategy is pretty edgy: Mocking an opponent for falling down, because he suffered polio as a child and his left leg is partially paralyzed.

When people tried to convince Parkhomenko that this was a bad idea, he was not at all receptive:

Parkhomenko knows that he's right, and what he's doing is good. Otherwise, why would he be so angry?

I didn't like it when Trump mocked that disabled reporter, and I don't like it when Trump's opponents mock people for their disabilities. It seems pretty stupid to make a political opponent more sympathetic, but I guess that's why I don't make the big bucks.

If you need a really good political strategist, remember that name. Adam Parkhomenko, everybody! That's some fine political strategy right there.