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Dem Congressman Defends GOP Tax Cut Bill

At least one Democrat has the brainpower to understand that voters are happy to have the extra money in their paycheck from the GOP's tax overhaul.

"When you downplay somebody's increase, which is significant to them, they're not going to be quite happy," Democratic Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said regarding the attacks by Nancy Pelosi and Corey Booker on the tax cuts and the "crumbs" the bill gives ordinary Americans during an interview with Fox Business' Neal Cavuto.

And he's right.

The fact is that $1,000 is a lot of money. It's not for millionaires like Pelosi, of course, but most hardworking Americans aren't millionaires.

While Cleaver is clearly interested in getting more Democrats elected, he's recognizing the larger point here. If Booker and Pelosi think the tax bill only lets the people keep "crumbs," then the Democrats need to make a proposal that lets them keep a lot more.

You see, for most people, $1,000 is a good sum of money. When Democrats attack people having more money in their pocket, they don't understand that very few people are anything but thrilled to keep more of what they earned. While it won't sway die-hard Democrats one way or another, savaging the GOP tax cut will lose the votes of independents and get more Republicans to show up.

Those crumbs are a blessing that we're quite thankful to have, whether House Democrats like it or not, and Rep. Cleaver gets that -- if nothing else.