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How to Deal with Leftist Turkeys on Gobbler Day

Grandfather preparing to carve Christmas turkey at dinner table

My very first day in America as an exchange student was in summer. But the place hosting us served us a Thanksgiving meal as an introduction to America.

Four years later, when I came over to marry my husband, his Connecticut family gathered the tribe and had Thanksgiving in July to welcome me.

Weirdly, Thanksgiving isn’t my favorite holiday – that’s the Fourth of July – but it is a very American holiday. I don’t know any other country that has a holiday solely dedicated to giving thanks.

Now there might be one or two. I don’t pretend to have carried on an extensive survey of countries of the world. But I’ve never heard of one, through all my years and my connections.

In America, we have Thanksgiving because we are a miracle nation, and it’s impossible to look at us and not be filled with wonder and joy.

We’re here despite all the errors the Pilgrims made; we’re here despite all the times we’ve been subverted, perverted, and attacked — often from inside — and we’re still one of the freest and most prosperous nations in the world. Yes, I know. We’re not as free as we used to be. But liberty is always one generation away from destruction, and fighting for it is the price of keeping its blessings for us and our children. For our ability to fight, I’m thankful. For all those who have fought for centuries against enemies domestic and foreign, I’m doubly thankful.

Thanksgiving is not just a holiday celebrating the past and our history, but also celebrating family, friends and present prosperity.

No wonder the left hates it, and not just because they’re never grateful for anything.

Recently on Facebook, a friend asked us to list what we were thankful for, and he got the standard tight-lipped leftist reply: “Well, I guess I’m grateful my native ancestors weren’t killed or raped like so many others were.”