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DC McAllister Speaks About Threats Against Her for Anti-Abortion Tweet

"What you intended as evil against me, God intended for good." Those words from Genesis came to mind several times this past week as my family endured death and rape threats against me because of an anti-abortion tweet I wrote.

The quote comes from the story of Joseph, whose jealous brothers sold him into slavery to secure their father’s favor for themselves. Terrified and in chains, Joseph was taken to Egypt, where he rose from a lowly slave to a high official in Pharaoh’s court. Because of Joseph’s leadership, the people of Egypt and the surrounding territories survived a devastating famine. Through Joseph, God saved lives.

During the famine, when Joseph’s brothers were brought to him in Egypt, they were afraid because he was now in a position of power — surely, they thought, he would seek vengeance on them for what they had done. Instead, Joseph calmly said, "You intended to harm me, but God intended good."

I say the same to the person (or persons) who found my cell phone number and sent me alarming, heavily masked voice messages threatening evil against me. This coincided with emails of similar intent that included my home’s location, causing me to contact the police to see what could be done to protect my family and me. Our home was immediately put under watch, and I couldn’t go out without having an armed escort.

Instead of driving me from the debate — in this case about abortion — these threats have provided an opportunity for me to see that I am not alone in this fight. Cultural and political commentators are not always aware of the support they have. We write alone, work alone, and often fight alone. Despite other voices in the public square echoing our words, we don’t always feel connected to others in what we do. Most of us plug along because we believe in our work, especially those of us who are conservative commentators in the days of the violent "Resistance."

Since I informed my Twitter followers of my situation, I have received countless messages of support. Prayers, kind words, encouragement, and conceal carry advice have filled my inboxes. I have never seen such an outpouring of love from all quarters. From social media, to conservative news websites, to messages from fellow journalists who are anxious for the fray, to talk radio and others, support has been abundant. Many have shown what is good in this world, and my family has been strengthened by their courage.

Ironically, encouragement even came from those who don’t particularly like my political stances. Many people have often wondered what can be done to bridge the divides in the conservative movement — those between the "Trumpers" and "Never-Trumpers." Well, I’ve found one answer. Fellow writers who have fought me vehemently and often with vitriol — which shamefully I returned or instigated — also reached out to me, either directly or indirectly, by spreading word of the threats against me, showing compassion despite our differences.