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D.C. Dems Are Embarrassing the City Government With Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories

Abdul Khadir Muhammad and Josh Lopez attend  Washington DC Unity Rally.

Democrats in Washington, D.C., have "roiled" the city government with anti-Semitic comments and anti-Semitic conspiracy theories,  the AP reported Wednesday (without actually mentioning the Democrat part).  And clumsy attempts by Democrat officials to ease tensions have reportedly only made matters worse.

The growing firestorm began when a city council member posted a problematic Facebook post back in March. Councilman Trayon White, 33, posted a video accusing the prominent Jewish Rothschild family of "controlling the climate to create natural disasters" after D.C. was hit by an unseasonable and unexpected snowfall.

This prompted fellow council members and Jewish community leaders to accuse White of "spreading an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about Jewish control of world events."

White said he had no idea that the Rothschild conspiracy theory could be construed as anti-Semitic and awkwardly tried to make amends.

He attended a Passover Seder and met with Jewish community leaders for breakfast over bagels and lox. He went on a guided tour of the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum but abruptly left halfway through without explanation.

The controversy blew up again after a video surfaced from a February meeting of top city officials featuring White pushing another Rothschild conspiracy theory during a presentation about the University of the District of Columbia. During the meeting, White asked a question regarding "the claim that the Rothschilds controlled both the World Bank and the federal government."

The video shows city leaders in the room, including Mayor Muriel Bowser, awkwardly laughing it off and moving on, but the footage further upset Jewish community leaders. Then a further revelation: White had contributed $500 from a fund meant for his Ward 8 constituents to a Chicago event for Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam.


The Nation of Islam, of course, has been designated a hate group for promoting anti-Semitism and racism. The Anti-Defamation League calls Farrakhan "the lead­ing anti-Semite in Amer­ica," who for years "has repeatedly alleged that the Jewish people were responsible for the slave trade, as well as the 9/11 attacks."

Farrakhan also enjoys support among Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, where Republicans have introduced a resolution pressuring them to denounce the anti-Semitic leader.

Last week, White's Democratic allies held a "unity rally" that was organized by Josh Lopez, a mayoral appointee, in a show of support for the embattled councilman. But instead of a positive display of unity, it turned into a massive debacle when a representative of the Nation of Islam got the bullhorn and started attacking Jewish people.

Abdul Khadir Muhammad, a Mid-Atlantic representative for Farrakhan, said: “What is the fake Jew that calls themselves Jews, the ADL, the JDL,” referring to the Anti-Defamation League and Jewish Defense League. He also referred to the Jewish people as "termites."