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Daily Barrage of Anonymous Sources Is Neither News nor Journalism

It begins like this:

Then the liberal broadcast news media -- who are lazy and get a lot of their segment ideas from The New York Times -- almost immediately grab the story and run with it:

By the end of the day, another major media outlet -- ABC News in this case -- has latched on for a little attention of its own.

These then get promoted on Twitter to the millions of followers that the major MSM outlets have and the message is reinforced.

First, this is barely a story. Volatility in the Trump administration ceased being front-page stuff a long time ago. Presidents getting mad at those who work for them isn't new either, it just doesn't get reported when a Democrat occupies the Oval Office.

The problem with this "story" is that it relies on a source or sources who aren't named.

Before I proceed it should be pointed out that I am merely using this story as an example. It may prove to be 100% true -- but a good many of these don't. It's Thursday as I write this and this is the story that kept popping up today.

It is no secret to anyone that most of the political media in America don't like this president. Many people would say that the MSM is focused solely on disrupting Trump's presidency. Others will say that the press is doing God's work and speaking truth to power.

I say that an endless stream of anonymously sourced stories isn't journalism, it's gossip.

The biggest news of the day is that the administration secured the release of three American hostages from North Korea. It was a win for the hostages, a win for the president, and a win for the American people.

None of those fit the MSM's narrative or agenda. I'm not saying that the liberal media types in this country are unhappy that three Americans were freed from a brutal regime, I'm merely saying that they probably just wish that the hostages could have handled the torture until a Democrat was president. They were probably thrilled that it happened in the middle of the night when most of their fans were asleep. That saved them from having to pretend to not hate the story.

Now take a moment and imagine how this hostage release would be playing out in the media had it been orchestrated by President Obama.