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The DACA Compromise I Can Live With

Whether the president had that meeting on TV about DACA for good marketing (assuring everyone he's not a drooling idiot like garbage author Michael Wolff claims) or it was real wheeling and dealing about immigration, it made me consider what kind of DACA deal I would accept. From day one I have felt that giving DACA recipients blanket citizenship was a very bad idea. It rewards illegal behavior with legitimacy and that is a precedent we cannot have anymore if we want to control immigration in an orderly, legal way.

However, I also want a wall. The wall is not going to happen without some kind of DACA compromise. Here are five requirements that would be a reasonable way to allow "Dreamers" to get citizenship.

1. Any Dreamer with a criminal record is not eligible for citizenship and must leave the country.

This ensures that we are only keeping productive, non-dangerous people. America has the right to choose who gets to live here. There's no excuse for allowing criminals to stay. If you are a criminal, there should be no way to stay in this country. See ya!

2. Any Dreamer who does not speak English must leave the country (upon learning English they can apply to get back in).

A common language unites us. People who come here illegally and refuse to assimilate by learning our official language need to go back to their country of origin or make an effort to assimilate. This means more than just being able to read signs. Assimilation means embracing American values. That starts with the language and a willingness to leave behind the country you came from and pledge allegiance to this one. That should require speaking our language and learn about our government, Constitution, and civic responsibilities as citizens.

3. Any Dreamer who is not working or in school must either get a job or leave the country.

It is not unreasonable to require citizens to work instead of being a drain on the system. No Dreamer should be allowed on public assistance. What country could you go to right now and just live for free? It would overburden their system and eventually bankrupt them. Taxes must also be paid, including any taxes owed that were not paid due to working illegally. This should be fairly easy to check based on work history and tax payments. Any Dreamer with unpaid taxes must pay them before being considered for full citizenship. Failure to pay should result in deportation.

4. If a Dreamer attended college through taxpayer grants and scholarships, those grants must be repaid like any student loan.

This would be a sign of goodwill that the Dreamer does not intend to be a drain to his community but an active participant. Dreamers who got a free education received it illegitimately and it should be paid back. Any Dreamer who does not want to start a payment program to repay the American taxpayers should be deported.