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Cop Fired for Threatening Daughter's Boyfriend With Arrest: 'We'll Make Sh— Up'

Fathers often joke about how far they will go to intimidate their daughter's boyfriend. One father in Lorain, Ohio, took it too far, though. To make matters worse, he was fired from his job as a City of Lorain police officer for taking his fatherly concern too far.

While searching for his daughter, now ex-officer John Kovach Jr. decided to use his authority to interrogate her boyfriend. Apparently, Kovach and his daughter have not been getting along lately and the boyfriend has only exacerbated the situation.

In the video, Kovach sat in his squad car waiting, as it turns out, for the boyfriend, Makai Coleman, to drive by so that Kovach could pull him over. After Coleman dutifully pulled to the side of the road, undoubtedly confused and worried because he hadn't broken any laws, Kovach circled the car and angrily ordered, "You can get out!"

Now, I've been pulled over by the police my fair share of times, mostly for things like speeding, and I have never been immediately ordered out of the car before anything else was said. Kovach didn't stop there, though, because the next words to cross his angry and power-abusing lips were, "You're going to jail!"

Coleman, who is black, by the way, asked what he had done. As they walked back to the squad car, Kovach answered, "We'll make s**t up as we go."

After patting the victim down and putting him in the back seat, Coleman's mom got out to find out what was happening to her son. Kovach responded aggressively and ordered her back in the car. Keep in mind, as Kovach's power trip was playing out the dispatcher was requesting a police officer to back up another officer who was dealing with an actual crime. Kovach, of course, was far more concerned with seeing his personal vendetta out to the end than he was with doing his actual job.

After spotting his daughter's computer in the car, Kovach demanded to know if his daughter was in the car. Coleman's mom responded in the negative, and Kovach threatened her with jail if she was lying. At this point, it should be noted that Kovach's daughter is a legal adult and can ride in whoever's car she chooses. As it turns out, Coleman was lying. Kovach's daughter was indeed in the car.

Kovach's abuse of power earned him a pink slip, as did his failure to respond to the call for backup put out by the dispatcher while he was intimidating and threatening Coleman and his mom.