Dianne Feinstein Fetishizes Guns in Bizarre Sexually Suggestive Tweet

On Thursday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) posted a sexually explicit photo of a handgun's magazine. She used the photo to call for gun control, but the magazine turned heads.

"No one needs a hundred rounds for their handgun. Ban high capacity magazines. Reasonable gun reform NOW!" the senator's official Twitter account posted.

Along with this message, the esteemed senator included a grotesquely large magazine with a rather phallic shape. This is not fake news:

Should the senator come to her senses, here is a screenshot of her tweet, memorialized for the ages.

A tweet featuring a handgun with testicle-like circular rounds on either side. Twitter screenshot, Sen. Dianne Feinstein's tweeting of a sexually explicit handgun magazine.

This 9mm Glock 100 round magazine has not even gotten an official patent, but it is available for sale online for $450.00. Ironically, the size and *ahem* shape of the magazine would make this gun extremely difficult to wield, rendering it much less dangerous than small-magazine alternatives. Furthermore, handgun magazines are easy to unload and replace, so banning high-capacity magazines would likely only make a small impact.

In pushing for limits on gun magazines, this California senator posted a sexually explicit image of an unwieldy magazine that is more novelty item than weapon, and she wants Americans to take her calls for gun control seriously?