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Conservative Group Honors the Heroes of Liberty

United in Purpose, a nonprofit group with a mission “to provide information and resources intended to help people understand and embrace a biblical worldview, and to encourage them to live accordingly” held its first annual IMPACT awards yesterday at the Trump Hotel. The award ceremony honored those leaders who have defend liberty.

Recipients of the awards included talk radio and Fox News television host Sean Hannity, who was the event headliner,  Dr. Larry Arnn of Hillsdale College, Dan Bongino of CRTV, Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA, Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government, James O’Keefe of Project Veritas, Chris Plante of WMAL, Star Parker of the Center for Urban Renewal, and Leonard Leo of The Federalist Society. Richard Vigurie of American Target Advertising received the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ginni Thomas, CEO of Liberty Consulting, presented the awards and said of the event, “America’s liberties are at great risk and institutions and values that have stood the test of time are under attack. Some refuse to fight when it gets as hard as it is – they make peace with the hope that no one swarms them, or threatens them,” Thomas said. “The leaders we lift up today to be honored for the Impact Awards are the bravest, most effective, most dedicated, determined warriors defending the values that are the real strength of America. They have shown moral courage in the face of desperate times,” Thomas continued.

You can read Richard Vigurie's remarks upon receiving the lifetime achievement award here.

You can watch the entire award ceremony below: