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Conservative Activists Hounded Out of Philly Restaurant by Antifa Mob

TPUSA's Candace Owens is hounded from Philly restaurant.

An angry antifa mob hounded Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens out of a Philadelphia restaurant where they were attempting to eat breakfast Monday morning.

When word got out that the duo was dining at Green Eggs Cafe, a throng of bullhorn-wielding agitators arrived and loudly disrupted their meal. In the first video, posted on Twitter by Owens, she can be heard explaining to people inside the restaurant that the reason for the disruption was that "we happen to be conservatives."

As they departed the restaurant, one of the protesters bellowed, "They're not Nazis, they're soft fascists! They're soft fascists!"

Once outside the restaurant, they were met by the cursing agitators, who were blowing whistles, flipping the bird, and chanting,  "1-2-3! F*** the bourgeoisie!"

The all-white mob also howled, "F*** white supremacy!" at Owens, TPUSA's outspoken communications director.

The irony of this didn't escape conservatives on Twitter:

One agitator screeched "shame on you!" and doused Kirk with a bottle of water.

"Whoa!" he can be heard exclaiming in the video.

Kirk, the founder of TPUSA, told Philly Voice that  "something was thrown at me simultaneously with the water," but he wasn't sure what it was. The police gave him the opportunity to press charges, but he chose not to.

In a tweet following the protest, @PhillyANTIFA called Kirk a "neo-fascist" and said he visited Philadelphia "in a heat wave so some hydration enthusiasts gave him a drenching."

In another tweet, they justified the assault by calling Kirk a "disgusting, homophobic, racist, bigoted presence."

"If we allow the Democrats to regain control of Congress, these radicals will be in charge of the levers of power," Kirk later tweeted.

Owens was undeterred. "We love the police, we love America, we love the USA," she yelled back at the antifa agitators.

Philadelphia police officers can be seen in the video footage attempting to separate the pair from the volatile mob.