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College Men's Center Changes Focus to 'Reconstructing Masculinity'

The University of Oregon Men's Center was a great place for male students. Originally founded by male students, it focused on things like nutrition and healthy living. It had done that since 2002.

Now, the center has been co-opted to produce radical feminist propaganda.

In a recent statement, the center claims: "Our focus is to use social justice to end male violence, dismantle systems of oppression, and reconstruct what we know masculinity to be."

PJ Media contributor Toni Airaksanen reports: "In an interview with Campus Reform, Men’s Center Student Director of Programming Maya Auld explained that the shift in focus was triggered by growing awareness of how men need social justice to become better allies to women."

No, that's not what men need.

Men do have concerns and needs and health issues to address, and none of them have to do with being "allies to women" or any other trendy political social justice nonsense. Auld and anyone else involved in this decision don't care about men, or women either. They care about a political ideology, and that all men and women get indoctrinated in it.

The new Men's Center isn't for men now. It's for destroying men. It's for social justice activists. It's for women and minorities and everyone regardless of sex, because they don't believe men are different than women, anyway. This Men's Center aspires to simply be a Center.

Auld and her efforts to "reconstruct masculinity" are nothing more than the mirror image of a man seeking to arbitrarily define femininity. But imagine the outrage if a man in charge of a campus women's center decided that the center needed to redefine what it is to be a woman?

Rather than addressing the concerns of men, the social justice jihadis -- particularly the feminist flavor of the breed -- have created an indoctrination center to overwrite men's bodies and desires, as if that's possible.