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Clemson Student Arrested for False Rape Claim

Feminists demand that every woman claiming that she's been raped should be believed outright. They argue that looking critically at such claims will make women clam up and allow rapists to go free.

However, that's not the way our judicial system works. No one is guilty until proven innocent, even alleged rapists.

This, many feel, is a failing of the system. Somehow, we should revamp our system in cases of rape because women can always be trusted to tell the truth about rape claims. Right?

Well, maybe not.

The Oconee County Sheriff's Office arrested 18-year-old Sarah Katherine Campbell on February 28th. The charge? Making a false police report.

It seems that Campbell told the Clemson University Police that she was raped at the Delta Chi fraternity house on January 27. However, upon investigating, it was found that Campbell engaged in a consensual sexual encounter. In short, she wasn't raped and made up the whole thing.

Police then arrested her for the false allegations.

The thing is, I'm not sure Campbell is lying.

Oh, I'm not saying she was raped. I'm willing to believe law enforcement on this one. No, I'm saying I don't think she lied. There's a difference.

You see, someone is lying when she makes a false statement that she knows to be false. For example, if I say the Earth is flat, I'm either lying or just plain wrong. If I believe the Earth is flat, then I'm just wrong, but if I know it to be round and say it anyway, then I'm lying. The statement is just as false, but there's still a difference.

In the case of Campbell, law enforcement has decided she wasn't raped while she claims she was. This indicates that her claim is false. She's lying about it if she knows she wasn't raped but claims she was anyway.

However, we've also seen that even consensual sex can be seen as rape if the woman changes her mind afterward or regrets the sex later. If Campbell bought into this kind of thinking, she may well have believed she was telling the truth when she claimed she was raped. She wasn't lying, she was just horribly wrong.

And this is the problem with the goalpost shifting over what exactly constitutes rape. Some people honestly believe that a bad date that involves sex is somehow rape, and when they report it, stuff like this happens.

Now, I'm not saying Campbell is in this camp. She may or may not be. She could just be a psycho hose-beast who was just trying to destroy someone's life for some unfathomable reason.

What I am saying is that it's possible that this could be a case of someone who drank the feminist Kool-Aid on this stuff and just ran headlong into reality.