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Clay Travis Calls Out 'Hypocrite' CNN Host Who Booted Him From Show

Clay Travis was kicked off CNN host Brooke Baldwin's show once for making a joke. He said there were only two things he believed in: the First Amendment and boobs.

This line was part of Travis' schtick from long before he appeared on Baldwin's show, but he had still received the invite. Apparently using his old line on her show was offensive.

Well, on Tuesday Brooke Baldwin invited a porn star to appear on her show, and then Baldwin discussed explicit sex acts between another porn star and President Donald Trump.

As The Daily Caller notes:

[W]hen she spoke to a porn star and friend of Stormy Daniels on Tuesday, Baldwin had no problem discussing whether the president and Daniels had asked her to "come play" and have a "sexual encounter." Baldwin even discussed "explicit sex acts" on her show with reporter MJ Lee, such as "unprotected vaginal intercourse" and "unprotected sex."

That's a bit more graphic than "boobs." And no, I haven't checked, but it's a safe bet that the porn star's prior shtick was a bit more graphic than Travis' old line, too.