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Why Claims That 'Fandom' Is Racist Defy Reality

As a science fiction fan and writer I'm very well versed in something called "fandom." Those who love science fiction books and movies, fantasy books and movies, or comic books of any kind tend to be very into our favorite genres. We tend to congregate with other fans to interact, creating an environment that, for many of us, represented the first time we ever felt accepted in our lives.

However, in this day and age, it seems that nothing is sacred. While fandom bends over backward to accommodate the leftist agenda, we get people like the writer at The Establishment who blast them as racist.

In a post titled "Your Fandom Is Racist And So Are You," writer Talynn Kel decided that fandom had gotten enough of a pass and that its racism needed to be exposed. Her evidence?


"It is well-known that euro-centric media is anti-Black and white supremacist; that it is rooted in erasing Black people from history, literature, science, pretty much everything," she claims. "So it shouldn’t be a shock that the fandoms built around these properties are racist, too."

It's well known? Where?