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Christian Campus Group Sues for Right To Choose Christian Leaders

When you form a group with a specific cause, it makes sense that you'd want the leadership to share a belief in that cause, right? Apparently it doesn't make sense on today's progressive campuses.

The College Fix reports: "The student club Business Leaders in Christ won a short-lived victory against the University of Iowa when a judge ordered the taxpayer-funded institution to recognize the Christian group on the same terms as others that require leaders to adhere to the club’s beliefs, such as a Muslim student group."

The college recently decided to no longer recognize a whole lot of groups with such a requirement. In other words, freedom of association was a bridge too far.

Another Christian club is also taking action. "With the help of the Becket law firm, which is also representing BLC, InterVarsity is planning to file a lawsuit against the university later today, a spokesperson for Becket told The College Fix Monday afternoon."

The school de-recognized a number of groups, but allowed for many exceptions, including Greek organizations, sports clubs, and Republican- and Democrat-aligned groups.