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Campus Commies at the University of Texas Vandalize Fountain to Celebrate International Women’s Day

UT fountain tagged with communist graffiti.

An Austin-based "anti-capitalist" group has taken credit for the spray-painted graffiti found Thursday morning on a portion of a fountain at the University of Texas.  Sometime overnight, the vandals tagged the fountain with a message that read: “This is the blood of survivors that UT ignores,” along with a drawing of a hammer and sickle to mark International Working Women's Day.

According to the Statesman, the radicals also put dye in the water, forcing crews to have to empty the fountain, clean it and refill it.

Crews used pressure washers to remove the graffiti, which UT said caused the water in the fountain to turn purple.

University of Texas police said they are investigating the vandalized fountain. However, the Revolutionary Student Front -Austin, a violent anarcho-communist group on campus, has already taken credit on Twitter. The group showcased their vandalism and advocated for “the necessity of organizing women for revolutionary violence against the capitalist institutions that uphold patriarchy."


A number of people on Twitter pointed out that RSF's actions were causing grief to the very people they purport to help.

RSF had an answer for that. If those poor slobs have to work all day at slave wages anyway, they may as well be cleaning up their God-awful mess.

This is the same group, according to Far Left Watch, that calls for dead police officers and routinely holds “self defense” training on campus.