British Feminist: It's OK to Discriminate Against Conservatives

If I were to pen a post about how discriminating against liberals is perfectly fine, I would be trashed from all sides. Yet folks on the Left sure seem silent at the moment regarding a screed penned by The Guardian's Laurie Penny.

"Not all opinions are equal, but some people seem to wish they were," Penny starts, offering an irrelevant point to justify her decision to personally discriminate against people guilty of WrongThink. She is, of course, correct so far. "Conservatism is a behaviour, a set of opinions, not a fixed identity." Well, she's right, of course. We can choose to be conservative, libertarian, or liberal, or anything else, and can change our minds.

"I discriminate against people who are rightwing and conservative. I’m entirely happy to say so. I don’t view it as hypocrisy to judge people by their personal qualities, rather than their background and appearance. If people are bigots and bullies, I will judge them for that," she notes. Ironically, it sure seems that only one person here is calling for people to be ostracized and bullied for their opinions: Laurie Penny. She's the one who just equated "conservative" with "bigot."

What does she mean here by "discriminate"? Would she fire people for holding the wrong beliefs? Do they deserve equal protection under the law? She isn't clear on this -- she just continues to frame her thoughts about politics around "human decency." In other words, anything other than complete adherence to Leftist ideology constitutes a moral failing, which she then uses to justify her own bigotry.