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Brett Kavanaugh, the St. Louis Naked Bike Ride, and the Left's Selective Outrage

As everyone has undoubtedly heard, President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing allegations that he exposed himself to a female while at a college party. The alleged victim, Deborah Ramirez, reportedly said, "I remember a penis being in front of my face... I knew that’s not what I wanted, even in that state of mind."

The left, of course, is outraged, with anti-Kavanaugh protests reaching even greater levels of fury. Sit-ins have been staged on college and school campuses and a growing crowd of angry people outside of the Capitol and the Supreme Court are being utilized to express the left's anger at the allegation that a man exposed his penis to a woman. Which is interesting since just a little over two months ago my family was exposed to many penises. However, when I called out the assault on my kids, I was met with jeers, mocking, and accusations that we're just prudes by leftists.

Briefly (you can read about my family's experience in more depth by clicking here), while in St. Louis as part of our summer vacation, my family found ourselves in the middle of the St. Louis Naked Bike Ride. Stuck in our car with nowhere to go, adults stood up on their bikes as they rode by our windows, deliberately shaking their penises in the direction of my two children.

Leading the charge of mocking, Sarah Fenske of St. Louis' Riverfront Times, a leftist, alternative website, published an article titled "Clueless Tourist Calls St. Louis Police After Being 'Molested' by World Naked Bike Ride." (Note the quotation marks around the word "molested.")

In her article, Fenske called me a "crank," accused me of wasting police resources, and scoffed at my "pearl clutching." Speaking of my PJ Media article (linked above), she wrote, "Were we Ellis' editor, we might have been tempted to title this essay 'Nudity Frightens the Children, But Somehow Mine Survived Their Trip to St. Louis.'"


However, I can't help but wonder how Sarah Fenske would respond if I had written an article titled "Penis Frightens Deborah Ramirez, But Somehow She Survived College."

To be clear, I would never write that because I'm not a hypocrite like most leftists, including Fenske and the Riverfront Times of St. Louis. And I'm comfortable putting the accusation of "hypocrite" in print because we're currently seeing that hypocrisy play out before our very eyes.

In a follow-up post to my original article, I explained:

What’s ironic is that in the final paragraph of my article, I wrote, “I’m willing to bet that the #MeToo movement doesn’t care that my wife and children were molested tonight by the St. Louis Bike Ride.” It’s too bad that I didn’t make any actual bets, because many of my critics would’ve won me some money.