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Breaking: Man Goes to Own Home on Weekends

The media's hatred for president Trump knows no bounds. As I tweeted earlier today:

Here's how NBC plugged its big scoop:

From the story:

President Donald Trump frequently uses his luxury properties for government business and leisure, prompting  ethics concerns over a president appearing to promote his private enterprise at public cost. NBCNews.com and the NBC News White House unit are tracking Trump's visits to his properties and golf courses since his inauguration.

More than four months into his term, Trump has visited more golf courses at a faster clip than his three most recent predecessors, according to The New York Times. Politifact reports that at this point in his presidency, Obama had gone golfing 11 time, while Trump has golfed at least 21 times.

The precise number of times Trump has played golf isn't known, however. His administration has tried to hide Trump's activity, keeping his traveling press pool away and often refusing to confirm whether he has played golf. Instead, social media has become a source of crowd-sourced reporting into the president's whereabouts.

This tracker automatically counts Trump's days in office. When Trump arrives at one of his properties, the tracker updates accordingly.