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BREAKING: Catalonia's Parliament Votes to Declare Independence From Spain

The crisis in Spain is set to worsen now that Catalonia's Parliament has voted in favor of declaring independence from Madrid. Parliament's speaker has announced that 70 MPs voted in favor of declaring independence, with 10 votes against. Two blank ballots were also counted.

Immediately after the vote Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy took to Twitter, where he told Catalonians and other Spaniards to remain "tranquil." He added that "the rule of law will restore legality" in the region, by which he means that he'll depose Catalonia's leadership and replace them with politicians who will do as Madrid says:

Although pro-independence demonstrators celebrate the results in Barcelona, Spain and Catalonia itself are now in for some serious political warfare. Madrid isn't going to take this vote lying down. In fact, Rajoy has made clear on numerous occasions that he's more than willing to use the iron fist of the central government to squash Catalonia's aspirations.