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Bill Nye, Who Is Not a Scientist, Invited to Closed-Door Gov't Meeting on Asteroid Strikes

Bill Nye the Science Guy introduced a whole generation of kids to the wonders of science. That's easy to do when you've got a hit television show on your hands.

However, Nye is not now, nor ever has been, a scientist. He is a TV host with a degree in engineering. That background is fine for teaching kids -- though not well enough for them to complete any course curriculum -- about gravity and chemical reactions.

In recent years, however, Nye's been opining on actual science, expecting to be taken seriously because he's Bill Nye the Science Guy. Unfortunately, some people actually do. His Netflix series Bill Nye Saves the World was an assault on actual science.

Despite that, however, Nye has been invited by the Library of Congress to a closed-door meeting of scientific experts on the topic of asteroid collision. The topic may one day be a serious one with ramifications for everyone on this planet. Ask the dinosaurs. But the government sure is sending mixed messages.

Nye will be speaking alongside an actual scientist, astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer, about how NASA can defend the planet from giant hunks of intergalactic debris. It remains to be seen what actual expertise Nye can bring to the table.