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Beverly Hills Police Say They're Investigating 12 Hollywood Sexual Assault Claims

Harvey Weinstein

It appears that Hollywood is about to be rocked by allegations of sexual assault against at least a dozen industry members.

The Beverly Hills Police Department says it's opened investigations into 12 men in the entertainment industry. These are in addition to the investigations into movie executive Harvey Weinstein and filmmaker James Toback.

Los Angeles Times:

“The Beverly Hills Police Department is working in conjunction with the District Attorney’s Task Force on these cases. We place a high priority on crimes against persons cases,” Police Chief Sandra Spagnoli said in a statement.

Several weeks ago, the department said it was investigating movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and filmmaker James Toback after recently receiving allegations that they committed sexual assaults.

The Los Angeles Police Department now has 28 open investigations related to Hollywood and media figures, including Weinstein, actor Ed Westwick, writer Murray Miller and agent Tyler Grasham. The department has also taken 37 other sex crimes reports that it has sent to other law enforcement agencies, believing the alleged crimes occurred in those jurisdictions.

Police in New York and London as well as the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department also have open criminal cases related to the Hollywood sex scandal.

It looks like the Hollywood casting couch is going to bring down a lot of significant players in the film industry.

Who the sexual predators might be is anyone's guess, but it appears that the more powerful the Hollywood insider is, the bigger the temptation to use that power to prey on women.

One thing is certain: Weinstein is just the tip of the iceberg. Hollywood, as the capital of the film industry, is about to be destroyed by its own hedonism.