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AOL 'Bombshell': Body Language Expert Spots 'Tension' Between Ivanka and Jared in Photos

Ivanka Trump, the daughter of and assistant to President Donald Trump, arrives with her husband Jared Kushner to the opening of the Group of 20 summit at the Costa Salguero Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Friday, Nov. 30, 2018.

ICYMI, AOL just blew the lid off of a bombshell story that most of the media ignored.

Yes, I'm talking about the Ivanka Trump/Jared Kushner body language story that Google was pushing on my iPhone yesterday:

Here's the scoop: A "body language expert" analyzed some Jarvanka photos from the couple's Argentina visit for the G-20 summit and "noticed some red flags between the two." Patti Wood, the body language expert, shared her insights with Express UK, then AOL picked the important story up.

“You see the tension all throughout, all the way to her face, where you see a tight smile," Wood said.

Whoa! I can see why this was promoted so heavily yesterday. But it gets worse:

“Her hold around him is very formal and doll-like, rather than relaxed or super-affectionate,” Wood continued to the publication, before comparing Trump and Kushner's poses to the president's and first lady's.

Secretly, all the Trumps hate each other, you see.

“If you go all the way up her body, you’ll see her knees are together and her arms is straight down at her side, not relaxed at all,” she said. "They’re not finding comfort in each other."

This is devastating stuff. Two things could be going on with Ivanka's outrageously tight smile and unrelaxed posture. She and Jared could either be on the verge of a very public and messy divorce, or the Mueller probe (which is closing in on President Trump and threatens to put them all in jail!) has them both very nervous and upset.

Wait! I just thought of another possibility. They were taking a picture. Posing for pictures can be very tedious -- especially if there are a lot of cameras taking the pictures and you have to keep a pose for more than a few seconds.

Frankly, I don't see anything noteworthy about the photo at all, other than that they're both so thin! They need to eat more.