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AOC Accuses Fellow Congressional Democrat John Yarmuth of Creeping on Her

It ain't easy being Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She got elected to Congress, which means she is now in charge of you because she's the boss. Yet people still dare to disagree with her!

Like these guys:

If you don't recognize Rep. John Yarmuth, the Kentucky Democrat pictured here, that's okay. Neither did AOC, or whoever's in charge of her Twitter account today.

"GOP: Let's pose our older male members next to cardboard cutouts of young female legislators," she tweeted.

Whoops! If you're going to accuse a political opponent of being a sexist creep, first you should make sure he's actually a political opponent. That's the problem with claiming victimhood and blasting away at every perceived slight. Friendly fire.

But hey, Yarmuth has only been in Congress since AOC was in high school. How is she supposed to remember every single member of her own party in the legislative body to which she was elected? She's busy doing important work, like posing for magazine covers and doing voiceovers for cartoons and assembling IKEA furniture on Instagram Live. What has Yarmuth done, besides, um... chairing the House Budget Committee?

Of course, journalists and other Democrats will let this slide, just like all her other hilarious gaffes. After all:

P.S. It just keeps getting better.