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Antifa Takes Over Portland Streets Again as Mayor Wheeler Goes MIA

Several videos have gone viral in the past few days showing anti-police thugs in Portland controlling street traffic with violent intimidation. On Saturday, violence erupted in Portland as they took to the streets to protest a police shooting. The protests involved criminal acts, intimidation of motorists, and general mayhem. In the videos, protesters scream obscenities, create a no-go zone for cars, and call those who violate their demands "white nationalists."

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away in rural southern Oregon, several Republican voters have received letters in the mail threatening that they will be shot. The letters have been forwarded to law enforcement for investigation.

On Sunday, the thugs poured into the streets of Portland again. Videos of the thuggery hit Twitter on Monday morning:

Local press documented the second video, seemingly taking the side of the protesters after the elderly driver was assaulted:

The driver has since been doxxed:

He has filed a police report:

Where have the police been throughout this?

Protesters are using any flash point event they can find as an excuse to rush the streets, assault drivers, create no-go zones reminiscent of European ghettos, order a mob to descend upon a 74-year-old man caught up in the wash, violate his privacy, encourage further violence against him, and generally turn a major American city into a lawless hellhole.

The police? Apparently, they were ordered to stand down: