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Antifa Leader Ordered to Pay Thousands in Damages

Middle school teacher Yvette Felarca is probably not the teacher you want your kids getting next year. You see, in addition to being a teacher, Felarca is also apparently a national-level leader in a group called By Any Means Necessary. You might know it as part of the better-known group "Antifa."

Really, who doesn't want their children indoctrinated in violent anarchism?

Unfortunately for Felarca, a judge recently ruled that she has to pay more than $10,000 to Troy Worden, the former head of the Berkeley College Republicans. Felarca claimed Worden had harassed and stalked her to the degree that she got a temporary restraining order against him and was pursuing a permanent one.

It was apparently all lies. On the day of the hearing, she withdrew her application for the order. However, a great deal of damage had been done by then.