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Antifa Goon Threatens Journalist During Seattle Protest: 'Death Is Coming'

Antifa agitator Jamal X threatens journalist.

A left-wing agitator known to Seattle police was caught on tape threatening independent journalist Andy Ngo with death during a left-wing antifa rally over the weekend. "Death is coming to you, dude," the deranged agitator said while the police stood around and did nothing.

At that same protest, a police officer told the Portland-based journalist that he was "inciting conflict" just by virtue of his presence there.

On Saturday, a right-wing gun advocacy group called the Washington Three Percenters held a rally in downtown Seattle to protest media bias.

They were met by about 150 far-left counter protesters sponsored by: ANSWER Coalition, Freedom Socialist Party, International Socialist Organization, Organized Workers for Labor Solidarity, Party for Socialism and Liberation, Radical Women, and Seattle Democratic Socialists of America.

The conservative side reportedly obtained a permit for their rally, while the left-wing antifa side did not. Although the Seattle police, as usual, did not press the issue.

As an independent journalist in the Northwest, Andy Ngo has gained notoriety by "documenting the excesses of the far-left" fairly and accurately -- something the MSM has failed to do.

As you can imagine, the psychotic antifa mob didn't appreciate his presence at their "Say No to Misogyny, White Supremacy, and Anti-Semitism" counter-protest, and made their displeasure known.

Viewer discretion is advised for all of his videos, as they show the left in all of their ugly, unhinged, and profane glory.

Ngo was initially denied entry into their protest area because, as one of the agitators said, "he's not one of us," but an officer eventually helped Ngo inside.

Once inside the protest area, he was immediately set upon by hostile "antifascists" who pushed him, taunted him, screamed in his face with a bullhorn, and threatened him.

Local radio talk show host Jason Rantz spoke with one of the SPD cops who was working the protest.

“He never said he was on either side and was simply trying to document it,” the officer told Rantz. “Many in the protest were blocking his path and yelling at him or telling him he had to leave. They even went and played childish games by putting their hands about an inch in front of is face and said ‘I’m not touching you’ like a five-year-old would.”