Anonymous Parkland Faculty Member Claims School Failed to Act on Threat Assessment

While the gun control movement rages all over mainstream media, an objective review of the facts shows that a string of failures allowed the massacre to happen. There was incompetence in the Broward County Sheriff's Office, FBI failures to investigate threats, and the school district's failure to act on frequent red flags exhibited by Nikolas Cruz.

On Monday, an anonymous source claiming to be a Stoneman Douglas faculty member told NRA TV that the school ignored security suggestions just a couple months before the attack that left 17 dead and more than 30 injured:

Said the source: "This threat assessment was done by a retired Secret Service agent, and it was known that he was going to do this assessment by the Safety Committee but that no one else at Stoneman Douglas would be aware of it, including administration except for that one administrator on the committee."

The retired Secret Service agent was reportedly the father of a student who had graduated from the school.

The source continued: "The Secret Service agent came in. He parked in the front of the school for 20 minutes. He was never approached by anyone. He gained entry to the campus never being stopped by anyone at any time and put Post-Its on 21 random people." Each Post-It note represented a potential casualty.

"There is blood on many people's hands," the source claimed.