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America's Two Movies on Display with Jim Acosta's White House Intern Tussle

After Jim Acosta got into a tussle with a White House intern (not that kind of intern tussle) who tried to remove his microphone when he was told to stuff it, his press pass was finally revoked. Half of America has been completely confused as to why this hasn't happened before during any number of his unprofessional outbursts, while the other half thinks he's some kind of hero speaking truth to power.

We truly are witnessing the two simultaneous realities that the opposing camps are living in, playing at the same time. (H/T Scott Adams.)

In a close-up video, the movie most Republicans see is a young, scared intern trying to do her job. When she gets the signal to take the microphone to another reporter, she tries three times, rather timidly, while Acosta avoids her. On the third try, he deliberately blocks her from taking the microphone by pressing her arm down quickly with his hand. This was enough to get her to turn and look at the president with a bewildered "help me" look. I wouldn't call it assault, but it wasn't nice and it was a complete violation of press etiquette. When the president says your turn is over, it's over. You don't keep screaming like you're the only guy in the room and everyone must listen to you. Sorry, Jim, there's a room full of people who need to ask questions. Acosta always acts like he's the most important person in every press briefing. It's tiring.

What do you see happening in this clip?

The other half of America is claiming that the intern assaulted Acosta! In their movie, the belligerent and dastardly "white nationalist" Trump didn't answer any of Acosta's questions (he did answer several) and then sent his violent 118-pound intern to yank the microphone away from him. Then he immediately walked down to the National Archives and scratched out the First Amendment with a red pen and then set it on fire.

So much for #BelieveAllWomen, eh MSNBC?

To make the Democrat meltdown worse, Sarah Sanders revoked Acosta's press pass indefinitely! (Cue uncontrollable laughter.) They are not taking it well. It's the end of democracy as we know it because one of CNN's other reporters is going to have to go to the White House briefings instead of St. Acosta the Brave.