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As Always, the Left Begins to Destroy Itself

Lately we've seen a lot of hysterics from the Left, particularly on college campuses. But there are some people with left-leaning ideals who are disgusted by the nonsense from the social justice warrior faction. The loons aren't the entirety of the left, they just sound like it.

Not to worry, though. There are indications that the pendulum is swinging back, away from the insanity.

The Independent recently published an article from self-described Occupy supporter Bailey Lamon. In it, she takes issue with what she sees as serious problems within the Left: "While I will always be part of the movement and believe in creating a better world through people power, over the years I have become increasingly frustrated with modern activist culture and the way that today's left conducts itself," Lamon writes.

A quick look at Lamon's Twitter feed makes it clear she's not in the midst of an ideological shift towards conservatism by any stretch of the imagination. She's just fed up with the Left's extreme antics.

"I've witnessed incidents where people have lost their jobs because of mistakes they've made in the eyes of left-wing activists," Lamon notes. "I've seen relationships and friendships destroyed. I've known people who have been banned from participating in certain places, and become so alienated from 'the community' that they are afraid to go out in public at all. This has caused serious mental distress to people I've worked alongside, and has even resulted in suicide. Social 'justice' indeed."