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Alec Baldwin: If I Ran for President against Trump, 'I Would Win'

Alec Baldwin isn't our commander in chief, but playing one on TV may have given him delusions of grandeur.

The man behind the faux President Trump on the increasingly liberal "Saturday Night Live" appeared on "The Howard Stern Show" this week to chat up his game show reboot "Match Game."

Naturally, the conversation turned to politics. That's when the combustible actor made this declaration while the duo discussed candidates who could give the president a tough run in 2020:

Howard Stern: I got a name for you. "Alec Baldwin."

Alec Baldwin: If I ran I would win.

He actually said that.

Now, before Trump's rise, the thought that any non-politician could successfully run for the White House was iffy at best. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Franken and Jesse Ventura all targeted lesser offices.

Baldwin thinks the White House is his for the taking, assuming he squares off against President Trump in 2020. Could a talented actor like Baldwin really wrest the presidency from Trump? Here are four reasons why that's not in the cards.

That Temper

Becoming a father again later in life may have calmed Baldwin down. For a while, though, he was repeatedly making headlines for losing his cool. He cussed out a photographer, possibly using a homophobic slur in the process (he denied this). He got kicked off an airplane for refusing to shut his smartphone down when asked. Those incidents forged a less than flattering image of the gifted actor, even though Hollywood has stuck by him through the worst of times.