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Actor Ron Perlman Launches a Nasty, Homophobic Tweet at Sen. Lindsey Graham

Ron Perlman’s signature role remains his hard-charging biker from “Sons of Anarchy.”

Clay Morrow would do, or say, anything to smite his enemies. Sometimes the actor’s Twitter feeds reads the same way. Perlman’s latest broadside against all things Trump? A nasty, homophobic attack on Sen. Lindsey Graham.

The nastygram came following word that former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in the running for President Trump’s next attorney general.

Here’s Perlman’s tweet/response: "Meanwhile, lindsey graham was heard muttering, ‘how many d***s do I gotta suck around here!'” The actor later deleted the tweet.

That’s more self-awareness than usual for the star, who often leaves the nastiest comments up on his social media account.

Here are four other examples where Perlman shouldn’t have bothered to tweet in the first place.

Give me Trump or give me death

Perlman is 68 and appears to be in fine health. He still claims he’s ready to meet his Maker under the right circumstances. That being if it would help bring an end to the Trump administration’s key figure.

"Let’s get it straight muthaf****s, I’m at the end of a great life. I’m good. It’s my kids I fight for. Mine and yours. And if dying for my Country is what’s in order, I’m ready."

Slut-shaming a non-slut

Perlman has no proof that Nikki Haley ever had a sexual relationship with President Trump. The same holds true for “Fire and Fury” author Michael Wolff. That didn’t stop Wolff from insinuating as much to the media. It could be why outlets started pulling back on their wall-to-wall “Fury” coverage.