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Activist Lash Out at Pick for Harvard President

Lawrence Bacow is a white male economist. In some people's minds, that makes him a horrible choice to be the president of Harvard University. We know the Left thinks this because they feel the need to tell us constantly.

Theoretical physicist Chanda Prescod-Weinstein tweeted: "Y'all can spin it as a another immigration story but Harvard was founded by and for white immigrants and it's been pretty clearly established that white Jews can enter the corridors of power -- including former Harvard presidents Larry Summers and Neil Rudenstine [Summers' predecessor]."

Then there's this comment from Sara Goldrick-Rab, a Temple University-based "scholar-activist."

While reading all of this, I couldn't help but think about the flip side of something like this. Let's say we had a mirror image taking place. What if a black woman had been hired for this role and someone started off by calling it nothing but "affirmative action"?eee

Anyone making such a claim, especially after seeing the person was qualified for the role, would be labeled by folks like Goldrick-Rab and Prescod-Weinstein (and WTF is up with all the hyphens?) as being racist jackasses.

And they might have a point.

So why is it acceptable to scream about racial privilege regardless of the man's qualifications?

If Bacow isn't qualified, that's one thing. Yet no one is alleging that. It doesn't seem as if anyone thinks Bacow is incapable of doing the work, or lacks the credentials for such a coveted role.