Acting EPA Chief Promises to Continue Regulation-Slashing Mission

Good news, America, the anti-Trump media may have succeeded in wearing down Scott Pruitt but the agency he headed will continue President Trump's objective of rolling back regulations.

Reuters reports that the goals at the Environmental Protection Agency remain unchanged:

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s acting chief said on Wednesday he would carry out the Trump administration’s push to cut regulations on industry, while also seeking to improve air and water quality, echoing the policies of former head Scott Pruitt who stepped down last week.

The people who were so fervent about ousting Pruitt may now be in a "be careful what you wish for" situation.

Unlike Pruitt, Wheeler been known to shun the spotlight. But some environmentalists say his experience means he can carry out Trump’s deregulation policy more effectively.

Wheeler has plenty of bureaucratic experience, which is something Democrats usually value as part of their top-down lust for governing. Of course, the problem is that he isn't on the side that wants the EPA to be the most powerful un-elected force in the United States government. Republicans tend to view the EPA's mission in terms of keeping the air and water clean while Democrats treat is as the missionary arm of the Climate Change Church.