ABC Issues Major Correction after Botched Flynn Report That Led to Dow Plunge

ABC's Brian Ross makes a correction

ABC issued an embarrassing correction Friday night after a report by Brian Ross caused a panic in the stock market and set Twitter on fire with thousands of retweets. Ross originally reported that then-candidate Trump had directed Michael Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign. ABC later clarified that Trump made the call during the transition.

There is a monumental difference between Trump directing Flynn to contact the Russians during the campaign -- which has obvious {{{Russia collusion}}} implications -- and after the election, which is standard procedure. Transition officials are expected to reach out to foreign governments during the lame-duck period before the new president takes office.

The Dow plunged 350 points after the false report.

The revelation that the president-elect may have directed Flynn to contact the Russians during the transition is still embarrassing for Trump because he has steadfastly denied that he had any knowledge of Flynn's phone calls with the Russian ambassador.