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A Solution to the School Shooting Problem


There has been another school shooting and the left, as usual, is screaming for more gun control.

Despite the fact that no “scary” weapons were involved, and despite the fact that the student was, in fact, carrying explosives, explosives that pretty much every kid who can read or even listen can figure out how to make online.

Banning guns and disarming the peasants, that very ancient dream of the left (and all statists) will in fact not prevent school massacres.  It will just change the way they’re carried out to explosives, or perhaps knives.

Yes, there is validity and a lot of merit in saying that one way to prevent school massacres is to arm teachers and teach the children techniques of self-defense.  When my own kids were in urban schools, middle through high school, the school policy was to lock the kids in the classroom if there was a gunman in the building.  Or, as I called it, “making the kids sitting ducks to anyone who can shoot out the lock.”  My instructions to the kids, if they were in a place they could go out the window and the alarm sounded?  They were to break the window and run out.  If it were a false alarm, we’d deal with the school.

But those are also half measures.  Many teachers, inexplicably, prefer not to be armed, apparently – if I understand their social-media emoting – under the impression that if they don’t fight back they won’t be hurt.  And the method of “throw everything you have at the shooter, including your desk” might give someone the chance to disarm a shooter, but again, if the attackers switch to bombs or, who knows, other methods (I can think of three.  No, I’m not going to write them down) all of that is useless.

Then there is the fact that the endless talk about Parkland might have, if not given the idea to, at least kept the idea in the Santa Fe attacker’s mind.  Teenagers are emotional and unstable by nature, and this constant harping on how common school shootings are by the media and the progressives (BIRM) will only make them more so.

However, teenagers being emotional and unstable and a school an unhealthy institutional environment, many young people will get the idea on their own, even without the ghouls of the media wishcasting for their own ends.

Which bring us to my proposal.

I propose we abolish public schools.

See that thing above, where the schools are an unhealthy institutional environment?  Well, they are.

We grab kids between the ages of 6 and 18 and stuff them into buildings with a bunch of strangers with whom the only commonality is that they live in the same general area and are about the same age.  We give authority over them to deranged administrators, crazed security officers, and ideologically corrupt teachers.  We make them live by rules that give all the power to the psychopaths among them.  And then we’re surprised when a few of them – a very small percentage --  become murderers.