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A Little Story About Chuck and Dianne...

As a third accuser crawled out from the seedy underbelly of attorney Michael Avenatti to smear Brett Kavanaugh with a story that actually makes her look like a monster, it became very apparent that none of this is going to play out quite like the Democrats want it to. At least not completely.

It has been obvious since last week that the Democrats and their well-trained advocates in the MSM have been hoping all along that Judge Kavanaugh and the Republicans would just fold under pressure. As soon as today's fantastical tale hit the news, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer immediately called for Kavanaugh to withdraw. That's what they've been hoping for all along.

Schumer took his case to Twitter (the MSM never complains when a Democrat lobbies and attacks on social media), proving that he's either too stupid to know what "corroborated" means, or is simply a pathological liar:

Having friends and colleagues say you're an OK person doesn't come within sniffing distance of "corroboration" and it's a pretty safe bet that Chuckie knows that.

We've gone through the looking glass on this one, and the media is mystified as to why McConnell and Co. haven't hit the fainting couch already.

A lot of it has to do with the fact that one side isn't invested in the absurdity of what's being presented, which Buck Sexton sums up nicely here:

Rather than make conservatives and Republicans wilt under formidable media pressure, Dianne Feinstein (who began this charade when she sat on the original allegations) and Chuck Schumer are pulling off something that no one thought was possible: uniting the factions on the right that have been at each other's throats since the 2016 election.

Our own Instapundit noted this yesterday:

Here is Daily Wire's Emily Zanotti: