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9 Liberal Celebrities Who Have a Blackface Problem

Last week, when the country learned about Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s med school yearbook featuring him in either blackface or a KKK uniform, there was universal outrage. There have been calls for his resignation even within his own party. Northam has so far refused to resign, and he probably has good reason. Liberals tend to only get outraged when it’s convenient for them, but in time, they are very forgiving when one of their own does something racist.

Heck, how many Democrats served with and repeatedly praised former KKK-member Senator Robert Byrd (D-W.V.)?

Northam knows that he can probably ride this out and serve out his term. How many liberals have donned blackface and not seen their lives and careers destroyed? To answer this question, let’s look to Hollywood… a bastion of left-wing ideology and hypocrisy. They’ll call Donald Trump a racist despite no evidence of it, but they’ll turn a blind eye when one of their own mocks African Americans by wearing blackface for the sake of entertaining other rich white liberals.

9. Ted Danson

My first memory of a celebrity getting in hot water for wearing blackface was in 1993. I was only thirteen, but I can remember the fallout from Ted Danson donning blackface at a celebrity roast for Whoopi Goldberg at the Friars Club. Danson was dating Goldberg at the time, and maybe he thought that made it okay, but audience members were horrified. There’s no video of the performance, and I’m sure Danson is thankful for that, but the photos of the event don't lie:

8. Joni Mitchell

One thing I didn’t know about famed singer Joni Mitchell until writing this article was that in 1976 she attended a Halloween party dressed as a black pimp. According to her friends, times were “different” back then. According to rock photographer Henry Diltz, who was at the party, "She dressed up like that to see if she could fool her friends and boy, did she. Everyone in that room was her friend and none of us got it. She was proud that she could pull that off."

Proud is an interesting word to use.

7. Billy Crystal  

During the 2012 Oscars, which Billy Crystal hosted, Crystal had filmed a montage tribute to select films of the previous year. In one part, he wears blackface portraying Sammy Davis Jr. This was not Crystal’s first time in blackface. In the 1986 HBO special "Don't Get Me Started” Crystal portrayed Sammy Davis Jr. opposite Rob Reiner (another Hollywood liberal), who didn’t seem to think anything was wrong with it at the time.