5 Ways Liberals Create Racism

Graffiti on the wall says "White trash" as young caucasian woman walks past it

One of the worst things about Barack Obama’s presidency is that it turned the Left’s focus on race into a monomaniacal obsession. If you’re a hammer, every problem looks like a nail and if you’re a liberal, every conflict that involves a minority in any way is racism. We like to believe that our country relentlessly moves forward, but unquestionably the Left has dragged America backward on race over the last decade.

1. Libs Create Racist Rock Stars

David Duke’s by-the-skin-of-his-teeth win in a Louisiana state House race was almost 30 years ago. Richard Spencer is considered to be a pariah in the conservative movement and Republican Party. He has no influence and no one who is anyone wants to be associated with him. In other words, these men are not even on the fringes of the conservative movement. They’re so far out that you can barely see them from the fringes. Yet, the mainstream media liberals treat them like rock stars. They write article after article about them. They publicize their tiny rallies, bring out waves of violent counter-protesters and turn what would otherwise be 50 sad losers marching around to eye rolls into major topics of conversation. In a culture that worships fame and outrage, the very fact that these guys can get endless press undoubtedly draws some people to them. That’s 100 percent on the liberal media because just about the only thing conservatives ever say about these guys is, “Stop lumping us in with these a-holes.”