48 Hours Later, Media Still Keeps Dems' Total Collapse in Reuters Poll a Secret

On Monday, Reuters/Ipsos announced that the Democratic Party's strong lead on the generic ballot question, which had remained stable for most of 2018, had rapidly collapsed over the prior week.

The #BlueWave narrative -- the media's all-but-concluded assumption that Democrats would retake the House of Representatives from the GOP in November -- has largely been based on the state of the generic ballot poll. So you might assume the media tasked with covering the 2018 midterm elections would immediately react to a sudden shift in the most important metric available for predicting the most important outcome of those elections.

They did not. Yesterday, I published an article titled: "24 Hours Later, Not One Mainstream Outlet Has Covered Dems' Total Collapse in Reuters Poll".

You might assume the media couldn't possibly ignore Tuesday's and Wednesday's game-changing news: the poll was no outlier.

Reuters is now showing five consecutive days of the GOP either ahead or virtually tied on the generic ballot question:

Further, note that the Democratic Party has been trending downwards for nearly a month, and that the GOP has been steadily advancing since the start of April.

Now we have five straight data points of the GOP in the lead or a virtual tie, and 48 hours-plus of this data being available to all media covering the 2018 midterms.