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4 Ways the Left Twists Science Into Propaganda

The Left often appeals to science when it comes to salient political issues. Activists attempt to hijack the cultural reverence science commands in order to push its own agenda. Appeals to "science" will not save a flawed perspective in reasoned debate, however.

Here are four ways the Left twists science into propaganda, and why conservatives are right to dispute them.

1. Abortion.

Leftists often employ scientific lingo to suggest that babies in the womb aren't really babies. Abortion activists refer to unborn babies as "fetuses," employing a technically correct term in a thinly veiled attempt to dehumanize what is biologically a human and genetically an individual.

From the moment of conception, a fetus has the same DNA as the full-grown adult. This is a scientific fact, and much more salient than the "fetus"/"baby" distinction. By 20 weeks after conception, the unborn human infant can feel pain. Indeed, fetal surgeons treat unborn babies as patients, and they administer anesthesia as early as 18 weeks.

Nearly half (47 percent) of Americans believe human life begins at the moment of conception. Another 15 percent said life begins in the first trimester of pregnancy. Only 14 percent said life begins at "viability outside of the womb," and only 10 percent said life begins "when a baby is born." Even so, the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision centered on the question of viability outside the womb, and abortion activists champion that decision and claim a fetus isn't a baby.

Even on the viability argument, some studies have suggested babies as young as 20-22 weeks after conception can survive outside the womb. Last year, scientists successfully incubated a baby lamb in an artificial womb, suggesting a long-term solution to the problem of unwanted pregnancies.

The Left often defends Planned Parenthood as essential for the broad spectrum of women's health issues. An internal report showed that Planned Parenthood's services are in decline — all of them except abortion. Pregnancy health centers are rapidly taking the lead in providing counseling, prenatal care, cancer screening and prevention services, and other services.

When activists defend abortion at any time as a "woman's right," their position is increasingly at odds with scientific evidence that unborn babies are genetic individuals, can feel pain, and can survive outside the womb at an early age. Even if an unborn baby is technically called a fetus, the Left in this case is attempting to use science to paper up a failing argument.

2. Transgenderism.

On Thursday, Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky tweeted, "Some men have a uterus," repeating the phrase no less than eleven times.