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4 Democratic Socialists March to Victory in Pennsylvania

four female Democratic Socialists who won primaries in Pennsylvania.

On Tuesday, Democrats celebrated the victories of women in primaries across the state of Pennsylvania. Four such left-wing women reveal just how far that party has gone into the anti-freedom spiral of trusting big government to solve every problem.

The Democratic Socialists of America only backed four candidates for the Pennsylvania House, and all four of them press for ballooning government in many sectors of life, in the name of equality. Worse, three of them do not even have a Republican challenger in November.

Sara Innamorato defeated five-term incumbent Dominic Costa in the 21st State House District, and she is running unopposed by a Republican. She supports universal single-payer health care, housing as a "human right," a $15/hour minimum wage, and government-funded abortion.

Summer Lee defeated incumbent Paul Costa in the 34th District, and she also faces no opposition in November. After graduating law school, Lee became a field organizer for the Democratic Party. She supports universal single-payer health care, government-funded education from pre-K through college, a $15/hour minimum wage, a "millionaire's tax," a moratorium on fracking, and government-enforced 100 percent renewable energy.

Elizabeth Fiedler won an open primary for the 184th District and also faces no Republican opposition in November. She supports universal single-payer health care, government-funded education from pre-K to college, a moratorium on new charter schools, a $15/hour minimum wage, and a small-donor matching system which forces tax dollars to support political candidates (surely, government can be trusted to fund every candidate equally, right?).

Alone among these Democratic Socialist candidates, Kristin Seale faces a Republican for the 168th District in November. That Republican, Christopher Quinn, won in 2016 with 56 percent of the vote. Seale identifies as "queer" and supports universal single-payer health care, government-funded college for all, a $15/hour minimum wage, and gun control.

These candidates echo Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), the self-identified socialist who lost the Democratic primary to Hillary Clinton in 2016 (although there is strong evidence that contest was "rigged" against him). Sanders may have lost the nomination, but his far-left ideology seems to have captured more and more of the party.

The Democratic Socialists even aim to "restructure gender and cultural relationships," ostensibly through the power of the state. This cultural Marxism, using government to redefine the backbone of society, is the ultimate Big Brother tactic, and LGBT activists have shown they brook no dissent.

Innamorato, Lee, Fiedler, and Seale earned the endorsement of the Democratic Socialists because of their Big Brother policies. They want government to completely take over health care and education, and to eliminate employment for anyone whose work is worth less than $15/hour. Some of them want tax dollars to go directly to subsidize abortions and some political candidates, and nearly all of them support increasing taxes, especially for top earners.