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Three Horrible Things We Learned About Liberals From the Kavanaugh Hearings

If someone told you that liberals don’t care about originalism, sticking to the Constitution, or treating conservatives fairly, the surprise level would be zero. Additionally, I’m sure no one was shocked that lefties were howling, being obnoxious, and generally acting like jackasses while they were protesting. These are things everyone on the Right already knows about the Left. However, there are some very new and terrible things we have learned about liberals after watching the way they behaved during the Kavanaugh hearings.

1) Liberals may consider rape allegations against Republicans to be just another political tactic

There is a very good reason why Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations were not leaked until Kavanaugh was about to be confirmed. Simply put, there was no there there -- no date, no time, no location, not even a definite year, and all of her own witnesses refuted her story. In the case of Deborah Ramirez, she admitted to her own friends that she doesn’t remember exactly who exposed himself to her, but she still aimed the allegation at Kavanaugh because it was politically convenient for liberals. Michael Avenatti, who is considered a 2020 presidential contender on the Democratic side, came up with a woman making such ridiculous allegations about Kavanaugh running a gang rape ring that they weren’t even taken seriously enough to be investigated. Then there were the anonymous allegations. There were at least three reported in the mainstream media. In what may be the biggest unreported story of this whole affair, according to former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams, there were a whole hell of a lot more:

As the stories fell apart under scrutiny, it was easy to see that liberals didn’t buy into them. While still trying to falsely portray Kavanaugh as a rapist, they started talking incessantly about whether he drank in high school, what his high school yearbook entries REALLY meant, and whether Kavanaugh getting upset at being falsely accused of being a rapist should be disqualifying.

What we are seeing on the Left are false rape allegations becoming just another weapon in the political arsenal. Even though liberals didn't succeed in "borking" Kavanaugh, it’s entirely possible this tactic will become a regular occurrence in close campaigns, or whenever there’s a Republican anywhere that liberals really want to stop.

Falsely accusing someone of rape is a terrible thing -- and the blasé attitude we saw about it on the Left is scary. How do you work with, cooperate with, or share anything with people who are perfectly fine telling the world you’re a rapist when they have no logical reason to think it's true?