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Activist in Seminar: All White People Are Racist and Always Will Be

Ashley Shackelford leading a seminar

It seems that after eight years of having a black president, we're further away from racial harmony than we have been in the last 40 years or so. While many are quick to blame President Trump for the current racial tensions, they started long before that. Names like Trayvon Martin should illustrate that perfectly to all.

However, activist Ashleigh Shackelford does us all a favor by showing us just how far we are from ever seeing racial harmony.

Ah, the old "all white people are racist" canard. We haven't enjoyed this one in a while, now have we?

However, Shackelford takes it a step further by saying, "You're always going to be racists, actually."

Wow, really? I'm always going to be racist? Then perhaps she can tell us just why we should even bother worrying about racial equality if we're never going to be anything but racist?

Honestly, Shackelford's comments are among the most vile, most racist comments possible. She's arguing white people are evil, and will always be evil, but we can lessen our evil by following her advice...but don't you dare forget your place, cracker!

Please tell me how that's different than telling someone to get to the back of the bus because of the color of their skin.

Allow me to save you the effort. It's not. Not at its core. In both cases, it's pure, unadulterated racism.

If I were to write that all blacks were criminals in waiting, how long do you think I'd still have a job? Anywhere. I'd last fifteen minutes after it was published. Maybe.

The thing is, I would deserve whatever happened to me. Judging entire swaths of the population based completely on the color of their skin is beyond wrong. It's idiotic. People are individuals, and should be judged as individuals. That's something Shackelford doesn't get and doesn't want to get.

She's guilty of the same racism as Richard Spencer. She's judging people collectively, rather than individually, and she's doing it poorly at that. If she can judge me as a racist because I share a superficial characteristic with a racist, then can I judge all blacks as racist because they share superficial characteristics with her?

And don't give me that whole "racism=prejudice+power" crap. I'm a minority in my hometown with pretty much every appointed official and a majority of elected officials being black. Thus, I have no power locally...yet there are racist white people in this very town. That claptrap is nothing more than a pathetic attempt to deflect racism charges away without having to actually address the underlying issues.

People like Shackelford prey on that. They feed off it. It's how they make their way in the world. They need that animosity, so they help create situations where whites will feel perpetually guilty and trip all over themselves to look like good little allies.

Well, it won't work. I view Ashleigh Shackelford as scum. I see her as no better than a cross-burning Klansman. They're simply two sides of the same coin.