Climate Alarmists Are Frantically Copying Scientific Data, Fearing Trump 'Book Burning'

"There's no merit to these wild and baseless accusations," a source inside the Trump transition team told PJ Media in an email statement. Neither the Trump administration nor any good scientist who doubts the false "consensus" on climate change would intend to destroy government climate data.

For one thing, such an act is almost certainly illegal. "If [the data] is the result of federally funded research, [destroying it] would almost surely be a crime," Jay Richards, assistant research professor at the Catholic University of America and senior fellow at the Discovery Institute, told PJ Media. By rushing to protect climate data, these alarmist scientists "imply that they think the new administration will be committing criminal acts."

Richards attacked the claim that "scientists are copying data to prevent it from being destroyed under a Trump administration" as "a classic case of projection."

"Climate realists, who doubt the catastrophic predictions, love data, and insist that speculative computer models should submit to evidence, not the other way around," the professor declared. Rather, it is the alarmists themselves who dismiss climate data, he argued.

"It is the catasrophists who occupy federal agencies, in contrast, who insist we trust the models that predict (on average) twice the rate of warming that has actually occurred," Richards said.

"These actions also demonstrate how politicized government agencies who focus on the climate have become in the last eight years," the professor explained. "They are literally suggesting that President-elect Trump, or his appointees, would destroy climate data. I trust he will remember this when it comes to staffing these agencies."

Richards is right. These scientists have become so obsessed with their narrative that they cannot understand how anyone can disagree with their conclusions while still valuing their scientific data.

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