10 Childish Behaviors from the Left in the Wake of Trump's Election

If the wild and wooly roller coaster that was the 2016 presidential election taught us anything, it's that the left doesn't lose gracefully. We've seen the worst side of Clinton supporters in the wake of her loss, and I don't believe that history will look kindly on the behavior of leftists after Donald Trump's victory. Here are ten examples of the childishness of the left after the election.

10. Bravely Chanting "Not My President"

I'll admit that I didn't vote for Trump—in fact, I made my #NeverTrump proclivities known in the months leading up to the election. However, now that he's won, I've breathed a sigh of relief that Hillary Clinton didn't win, and I'm cautiously optimistic that Trump won't be so bad after all.

The left—bless them—can't seem to give Trump a chance. Those special snowflake millennials have made a point of chanting "Not my president," and doing so in the most brave fashion imaginable: in cities where it's safe to do so. (I did joke to a buddy of mine that Trump wasn't my president, but it's only because he hasn't been inaugurated yet.)

Instead, leftists have doubled down on the policies that turned so many voters off on Election Day. They re-elected Nancy Pelosi as House minority leader, and their rhetoric shows that they've learned nothing. Maybe in the days after Trump's inauguration, they'll continue down their path and stay in the minority.